Toilet Paper Shooter

Video Transcript: Bearded Science Guy, here, and today I'm going to show you how to make a toilet paper shooter. Start with either a leaf blower or the blowing attachment to a shop vac. After that, take a small paint roller and add several layers of duct tape toward the top of the handle to make a spacer. Now securely tape the paint roller to the end of the leaf blower. Make sure as you load the toilet paper that it rests a couple of inches below the stream of air and not right in front of it. At this point, your toilet paper shooter is ready to fire. Bernoulli's principle states "the faster a fluid is traveling, the lower its pressure," so the toilet paper is actually be pushed into the fast moving stream by the surrounding air. This is the same reason that an airplane's wings have lift and you can hover a ping pong ball over a blow dryer. But make sure, even when you're only shooting toilet paper, everyone in the area has on eye protection. Thanks for watching Bearded Science Guy. If you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing on YouTube or check out some of our other weekly science videos.


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