How to Make a Fire Tornado

In this science experiment you can do at home, we walk through how to make a fire tornado. Using isopropyl alcohol, a wire trashcan, a ceramic bowl, and a Lazy Susan, we see how air movement affects fire! To use this experiment for a science fair project, consider questions like: How fast does the air need to be moving to create a fire tornado? What is the impact of the wire trashcan on a fire tornado?



  • isopropyl alcohol

  • ceramic bowl

  • Lazy Susan

  • lighter

  • wire trashcan

  • safety goggles

  • lab coat

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1. Place a sponge, cotton balls, or other absorptive material into a heat resistant container, such as a ceramic baking dish.


2. Pour isopropyl alcohol into the heat resistant container, enough to soak the absorptive material.

3. Place a wire trashcan into the middle of a Lazy Susan.

4. Place the container of isopropyl alcohol into the trashcan.

5. Using matches or a lighter, ignite the isopropyl alcohol inside the container. 

6. Gently spin the Lazy Susan.

Note: To smother the fire and extinguish the flames, place a heat resistant lid over top the container until the fire is put out. As a safety precaution, keep a fire extinguisher on hand through out this experiment. 



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